Karl Hammer

Karl Hammer
Author and Art Photographer

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The Sacred Panel

By now Karl has written a range of books, which were published in various countries. In October 2010 UK-publisher Stacey International picked up on his work and published his first book in English "The Secret of the Sacred Panel". You can click on the cover for more information. From there other countries, from Poland to Turkey, also picked up on his work.

Hunt for the Nazi Gold

His second book "Codebreakers" involves an old Nazi-document with hidden symbols. Extensive research showed that the coded document, drafted by Hitler's personal secretary Martin Bormann, reveals the location of Hitler's personal dimanonds and a stash of Nazi gold. "Codebreakers" tells the entire story.
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For two years Karl has investigated a new story. It will be published in the spring of 2014. Except for the working title "Assisi" he is not ready to disclose exactly what it will be about, but knowing Karl it will again be something thrilling.


Karl Hammer is currently one of the most popular artistic photographers. His portfolio encompasses social, religious and mythological themes.

Karl plays with the light and colours in a wonderful way capturing characters and entire stories with one image and using various - sometimes hidden - symbolisms.

Publishing world-wide, Karl is praised by both clients and colleagues as 'a Rembrandt in photography'.
(Fine Art America)

Sevens sins

Knocking on heaven´s door


Boy with dove